I’m Don, a photographer specializing in sports, events, and portraiture in Carroll County, MD. I’ve been shooting since 1983, when I started working with film cameras. In the 2000s, I progressed to DSLR and became that dad photographing my kids at every sporting event. Since then, I’ve developed my craft as a professional photographer who still loves to catch the perfect action shot.


My photography is all about capturing the essence of a moment, whether that’s the second before a touchdown or teammates sharing the thrill of victory. I love a photo that practically lets you hear the crowd cheering or the bass thumping. I work closely with my clients to figure out exactly what they’re looking for and then deliver it in great photos.


I specialize in local sports events and have photographed team sports for a number of local high schools and colleges. I’ve been the on-site photographer for wrestling, football, cheerleading, tennis, and lacrosse matches. I’ve also been shooting events since 2015, including concerts, lecture series, corporate events, and livestock competitions. I love getting to be a part of these local experiences.


I also offer family and individual portraits. A particular favorite of mine is to shoot high school senior photos, and I’ve been recruited to photograph a number of high school yearbooks.


I build on my experience shooting action photography and portraiture to do special event and family photography. If you’re looking to commemorate a special occasion or capture a big event, I’ll make sure we get some perfect posed photos, plus candid shots that capture the day’s unique mood.


Being a photographer means capturing memories that you’ll be able to reflect on for years (or even decades!) to come. It’s a joy and an honor for me to be able to participate in these memories and create lasting reflections for my clients.